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A Message From Your President
January 2020

Greetings from 2020!

The start of a yet another prosperous decade. I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season and are looking forward to the next few months of writing the wrong date.

A notable building update went into effect 2 Jan 2020 for electrical UDC. If you would like to read the code updates see the last page of the newsletter.

With a new year comes resolutions. I find them important and great for my mind and body. You don’t need a new year to make resolution, you are constantly setting goals for
yourself throughout the year that you wish to attain. When you achieve a goal it feels great and benefits you and others around you fueling you to set more goals which will
result in perpetual success. For those that participate in the traditional resolution here are a few tips.

Keep it simple – you don’t want to find yourself aiming to overhaul your entire lifestyle, this is simply a recipe for disappointment and guilt.
Choose carefully – concentrate on something that will have the greatest impact on your happiness, health and fulfillment.
Be realistic – don’t aim too high and ignore reality, consider previous experience with resolutions. What may have lead to success or failure then?
Bite-sized chunks – many have heard me say “how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” Break your goals into manageable chunks. Maybe lose 5lbs, once that is achieved plan to lose another 5.
Make notes – having a physical reminder of what you’re aiming for is extra motivation. Are you a person who writes something on your to do list so you can cross it off? I am.
Treat yourself – achieving goals you set is a great accomplishment and deserves to be rewarded, just be careful not to put a goal in jeopardy especially for dieters.
Don’t give up – slip ups are inevitable, you must ensure they do not become an excuse to give up.

Joe Cordova, President

A Message From Your President
February 2020

Dear Members,

I would like to start with a current topic that you have heard a lot about lately. The United States-Mexico-Canada agreement, or USMCA has been touted nonstop for the agricultural industry rightly so, but the U.S. construction industry relies on tens of billions of dollars in building materials sourced from Mexico and Canada. That’s why we should all be cheering the passage of the USMCA.

With the agreement officially being signed by President Trump last week, the USMCA now has the real potential to provide an additional boost to the construction sector while reducing price volatility for building materials as was seen by the previously levied tariffs on Canadian lumber.

As headlined in this newsletter we have our member meeting in 2 weeks and I encourage everyone who can attend to do so. Our intention at these meetings is to not solely have content that is structured to general contractors, but rather things that are beneficial to all of our membership. Which is why this meeting we will be joined by not only Oneida County Zoning, but also a financial advisor; Blair Otterholt of Edward Jones. He will present on current financial strategies with emphasis on business owner as well as a host of other areas and will filed any questions posed by you.

Following the member meeting the board will be breaking into its respective committees to tackle our full agenda. I invite whomever has time to stay longer and observe, or dig right in and help on a committee. If you’re on the fence on helping, maybe the fact that lunch will be provided will punch you over the edge?

Thank you again, we have a great member body and I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the Days Inn, Rhinelander on February 19th at 9:00 am.


Joe Cordova, President

2019 October Meeting