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A Message From Your President
October 2019

Dear Members,

I hope everyone has seen the recent “Badger Builder” magazine. This has an article about the Headwaters Builders Associations, B.O.S.S. program. If not, please pick it up and take a look or see it on page 10. “Way to go” to all of the HBA board in their work and continued efforts in promoting our industry to today’s youth. 

As you know, fall is here. This means a change in weather, fall colors, and a change in the HBA president. That’s right; this will be my last month serving as your president. I will now move down to the position of “past president”, as Joe Cordova, steps up from our board to the president position. Make plans to attend our general member meeting on the 10th, to welcome him in, and swear in all of the new or re- turning board and executive committee members. 

It has truly been an honor to serve as president for the past 4 years. I feel that together, we have accomplished so much over that time. And I’m looking forward to continuing to give all I can to help continue with the growth that we’ve had.

Robin Coffen, President

A Message From Your President
November 2019

Dear Members,

I am excited to have been selected as the new president of the HBA and look forward to building off all the great things our association has been able to provide to our membership and communities.

Let me take a moment to give you a snippet of who I am and why I feel so strongly about the importance of our professional association’s success. I am not a contractor as you know, but rather an insurance agent with Cordova Insurance Agency. Many may be wondering why someone with that title is in this position. Both industries go hand in hand like many do when it comes to the construction arena. I cut my teeth in construction; working 13 very proud and rewarding years for Van Strydonk Construction before being called to active duty Army service (of which I am still serving just short of 19 years and counting in the Army Reserve), but with a new family and changing needs I reluctantly had to make a career change. I remember going to the golf outings as an employee and always enjoyed all the comradery that was built during those events and knew if I ever had the opportunity that I would like to be a bigger part within the organization. Which brought me to join the HBA Board a few years ago and help the industry in other ways.

Although it is a very stressful time for many due to winter coming and more work than you have manpower to complete, it couldn’t be a better time to be in the construction industry.

We, as a board, look to continue to evolve with changing needs for our members and are always open to any and all suggestions from you. Please see page 7 of the newsletter for a complete list of all the current members serving on the board. We are always looking for more help, so get involved if you can.

I look forward to visiting with all of the members at our next event – the 5th Annual Christmas Party, Casino Night. It will be held again at the Whitetail Restaurant in St. Germain, on Dec. 6th. Please begin gathering auction items and non-perishable food items to bring to the party.Sign up to help out. It is sure to be another fun time mingling with other association members.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family, happy hunting to all those hunters – and we will see each other at the Christmas Party on Dec. 6th.


Joe Cordova, President

2019 October Meeting