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A Message From Your President
October 2020

Dear Members, 

Fall is certainly in the air and colors are disappearing fast.  The few Indian summer days we had are now likely behind us and on the horizon is the annual tradition of getting ready for snow.  Go ahead and blame me, but somebody had to say that four letter word.

I want to thank all those that were able to attend our membership dinner meeting at the White Stag.  We knew going in we were to have lighter than normal attendance, but as a board we decided to keep our committed date and ensure those board members up for re election were installed in front of an association body.  There has been so much change and adjustment we felt it was important to keep the dates we set months ago and not start a precedent of changing at the last minute. We were honored to be joined by WBA Treasure, Cory Sillars and current 35th District Assemblywoman and 12th Senate District Candidate, Mary Felzkowski.  Cory gave us a rundown of what’s been happening at the state level and reviewed the benefits, discounts, and rebates that are afforded to all HBA members.  Mary was generous with her time as well and spoke to Gov Evers mandates, upcoming budget shortfalls, trades licensing requirements and opened the floor to discussion.  

We certainly will have a member of the WBA  board and state representatives at future meetings.  It is a great opportunity to have the ear of individuals that have a direct pipeline to changes in our industry at the state level. 

In closing, I wish to speak to the importance of voting since we are on the heels of Nov 3rd.  As most of you know I’m still a serving in the Army Reserve and I take this subject serious.  We often joke that “we don’t get to practice democracy, we have to defend it”. One of the greatest rights we a have as US citizens is to vote and select our own representatives.  Election years can be frustrating and painful to experience; your mailbox is filled daily with flyers, the airwaves are nothing but political ads and the roadsides are littered with signs.  Votes matter.  In the last midterm there was a WI state assembly seat determined by less than 150 votes.  Take is serious, because it is.

 “If you don’t vote, you lose the right to complain.”  — George Carlin

Joe Cordova, President

A Message From Your President
September 2020

Dear Members,
I hope everyone enjoyed a surprisingly nice weather Labor Day and unofficial end of summer.  Interesting fact, the idea of Labor Day was first presented by Peter J. McGuire, a carpenter and labor union leader.  He thought American workers should be honored with their own day which became a federal holiday in 1894 to be celebrated the first Monday of September.  There you have it.  The original “essential” worker.  

I’m pleased to report that our 25th Annual Golf Scramble was a huge success.  We raised nearly $3,000 for the HBA and just short of $600 for the PAC fund!  Thank you all so much for your generosity and support.  I have included many photos of the day, but could not add all of them.  If you want a photo of your team (even if it wasn’t included in newsletter) I can send you the original file.  

I am excited to report we have awarded our first School to Work Grant.  If you know of any upcoming high school students that are seeking a career in the trades directly out of school please reach out to mor Robin for more information on how to apply.

Don’t forget to attend our Fall membership meeting September 22nd at the White Stag in Sugar Camp.  I cant wait to see you all there.  Bring a new member their meal is free!


Joe Cordova, President

2020 Golf Outing 

Golf Highlights
THANK YOU!! Bruso Electric for donating $300 in place of being unable to attend

  • Gun Winner – Lee Daigle
  • Yeti Cooler Winner – Joe Carew 
  • Meat Bundle Winner – Josh Olivotti
  • PAC Fund Winner – Mike Wendt
  • Toilet Bowl Golfer of the Year – Gary Cirilli
  • Golf Winner – SL Custom Builders (7 under)
  • Hole 1  Long Putt – Rick – Cordova Agency
  • Hole 3 Closest in one – Wally – Carpet City
  • Hole 5 Closest in one – Jake – VanStrydonk Construction
  • Hole 7 Long Drive Men – Nate – Cordova Agency
  • Hole 8 Long Putt – Wally – Carpet City
  • Hole 9 Long Drive Women – Sheila Krueger
  • All players in attendance received a 25th Anniversary Golf towel provided by the HBA

2019 October Meeting